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You’re not going to see photos in this collection of the devastation left by a tornado, or new born pandas at Chendu Research Base, or people being rescued from a collapsed building in Bangladesh. I’ve not been witness to violent protests in the Ukraine, the Boston Marathon bombing, or the Aurora Borealis. For most of this I am thankful, though I wouldn’t mind hanging with a new born panda. What you see below are everyday moments that I hope capture something more than the moments themselves.   As a photographer I’m always dealing with things that are continually vanishing.  And no amount of effort or fancy job description can make these things re-occur.  Instead, I must be alert, patient and ready to strike.  To paraphrase Henri Cartier-Bresson, shooting photographs is putting one’s head, one’s eye, and one’s heart on the same axis.  Let’s pray that’s what’s happened…

Since a good photograph should require little-to-no explanation, I’ll only comment if I think my yammering is relevant to the effect or power of the image.


Ben Caron. January 2013

This shot became the cover art for Ben’s album “Climbing Ladders.” Available on  iTunes.  Or visit Ben’s site here.


The Kid. February, 2013

I’m not big on child portraits.  Seems too easy, unless they’re in the circus.  But this kid is the wisest old soul I may have captured all year.  He’s 64 in this photo.



Morgan Nichols & Julie Kline wait for a subway in Brooklyn. August, 2013

Now I want to remake THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR.


Woman on Brooklyn Bridge. July, 2013


16, 15, 14, 13.  VINTAGE TROUBLE:  It’s been a stellar year for the Rock & Soul band Vintage Trouble.  I was lucky enough to photograph them on several occasions and direct the music video for their hit song “Pelvis Pusher.”

Ty Taylor performs at The El Rey Theatre, April 2013

Rick Bario Dill gets ready for Vintage Trouble's performance on The Tonight Show, February 2013.

Richard Danielson and his daughter on the set of Vintage Trouble's Pelvis Pusher video, May 2013.

Nalle Colt performs at The El Rey Theater with Vintage Trouble, April 2013


Liz Allen celebrates her New Year's Eve marriage to Scott Rosenbaum, December 31, 2012

Though this photo was taken in the final hours of 2012 in Los Angeles, it was already 2013 on half the earth.  So the judges rule it – permissible!

11, 10, 9, 8, 7:  ON SET

Jeff Daniels on the set of THE NEWSROOM. May, 2013

Andy Samberg on location during the filming of BROOKLYN 99. August, 2013

Wendi Mclendon-Covey on the set of THE GOLDBERGS. September, 2013

Dylan McDermott on location during the filming of HOSTAGES. July, 2013

Kelly O'Sullivan & Maura Kidwell on the set of SIRENS. October, 2013

Loved these two hilarious actresses.  You can too — Denis Leary’s and Bob Fisher’s new show SIRENS premieres March 6th on USA.  Starring Michael Mosely, Kevin Daniels, Kevin Bigley.

6, 5, 4:  PORTRAITS

Ali Liebert

Amy Pietz

Lauren Ensler


Ellie Knaus at 9 Months. August, 2013


Rabbi Leonard Beerman signs the Ketubah. The real moment Rebecca McFarland and I were married. June, 2013

The Rabbi requested I put the camera down shortly after this photo was taken.


My Wife. Twenty minutes later.


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  1. love love love!

  2. Killer moments for a lifetime

  3. HEY!!!! Those are allll amazing, Jason. I cannot believe I got to be a subject of one of the top ten!!! thnak you, sweet sweet Rabbi!

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